Give lighting a starring role in your outdoor party decor

When well done, outdoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to set your summer party apart. With a little planning you can use outdoor party lighting to create a cozy, enchanting or festive atmosphere your guests will appreciate. Next time you’re entertaining outdoors use some of these ideas to create the perfect party atmosphere and help you celebrate summer in style.

Candles and Fire Pots

Nothing can beat the warmth of a live flame, and with a little care, candles and fire pots can be used just about anywhere around your outdoor entertaining spaces. But keep safety in mind – if there are children or pets, or the area is particularly dry consider alternatives like flickering LED candles and solar lights.

Where to use: Place them on tables, along deck rails and walking paths or hang them from trees. If there is any breeze, use hurricane candle holders and keep them at least 12 inches from shrubbery, leaves or anything potentially flammable.

(Simple idea: Take a shallow tray and fill it with sand then push some tea light candles into the sand. Add a couple seashells for style.)


Bubble Glass Candle Holders

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Umbrella Votive Candles

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Prometheus Fire Pot

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Outdoor Party Lanterns

Outdoor Lanterns are a staple at great outdoor parties. Whether simple paper or silk lanterns hanging from trees or more traditional lanterns along the patio, these can be real eye pleasing additions to your backyard party arsenal.

 Where to use: The best places for outdoor lanterns are those dark corners where a little light will make a big impact – tour your backyard after dark and you’ll find the best places. Also use them to accent a landscape feature or to accompany a party hub such as an outdoor bar or buffet table.

 The solar options give you the ability to put bright lanterns well out away from your primary party area to give that whimsical feeling. For example, at one party the host snaked a string of colorful Soji lanterns up a tall pine in the back corner of the yard – it appeared like they had broken free and were floating skyward.




Soji Lantern Image

Modern Soji Solar Lantern

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Silk Effects Lantern

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lantern image

Star LED Lanterns

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