Backyard party table imageIt’s about this time every year that we begin to plan and scheme, wish and dream about upcoming backyard parties and fantastic summer entertaining. Inevitable at least some portion of every weekend will be spent standing at the patio doors gazing out into the backyard, creating a mental wish-list of those things to make our outdoor entertaining the best ever. Perhaps you’re incurable like us. So let’s have a little fun.

Here’s the scenario, set aside reality for a moment and envision you are walking by your favorite outdoor living store – you know, the one that has every conceivable tool, accessory, piece of décor you could ever want for your outdoor entertaining. Now imagine the owner steps out, smiles and hands you a $1000 store gift card to be spent however you would like.

How would you spend it?


Here’s how it works:

  • Let’s use Amazon’s Outdoor Entertaining area as our starting point so we are all looking at the same prices, etc.
  • Surf around the site and find those items you think would make your backyard parties the best of the year.
  • Share with us in the comments section below what items you would pick and why you picked those items. Include a link if you would like.

What would you get?

  • Perhaps one of those mosaic tile fire pits with everything you would need for making oodles smores
  • Maybe some stylish barware & tableware and striking outdoor lighting to eat by
  • How about a grill and all the tools, accessories and cookware to be the master of the flame you and your guests might need
  • Maybe some stylish rattan furniture

Don’t get too wrapped up in the details, just pick your list and let us know.

We all look forward to seeing what’s on your wish list for this years outdoor parties!♦

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