Hostess gift imageFor those times when you find yourself on the guest list of someone else’s outdoor party, bringing a gift for the host or hostess is always a good idea. The hostess gift doesn’t need to be flashy or expensive but it should be well thought out. Here are some tips and ideas for selecting the right hostess gift that will show your appreciation for their hospitality and secure your position on the short list for their next summer party.

Selecting a Hostess Gift

  • Pick a budget and stick to it – it’s usually easier to find a gift when you have set some limits. Under most circumstances $25 or less is a good rule of thumb.
  • At outdoor parties you aren’t always greeted at the door when you arrive so include a thank you note so the host or hostess knows who the gift is from.
  • Save the bottle of wine or scented candle for when you have to grab something quick – while wine is a traditional gift, think back on how many times you have watched the host place your bottle with the dozen or so others they have received.
  • Plan ahead so you don’t find yourself limited to what you can find on local store shelves – if you have a weeks notice there’s plenty of time to order and have something delivered.
  • Find something that can be used more than once so the host will remember your appreciation well after the party – otherwise bring something that can be shared with the guests.


Here are some of our favorite hostess gift ideas:

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If you have received a unique or memorable hostess gift let us know about it by leaving a comment. For more ideas for gifts or general outdoor entertaining accessories, visit out Marketplace

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